Xtreme Software Xpress (XSX)

XSX is an Australian based company that is dedicated to the construction of applications designed to make a difference and have an impact. Many niche opportunties exist now as they will also evolve in the future. At XSX we are about putting plans into action to get results since most good ideas never make it off the drawing board. There are endless opportunities to create simple solutions to everday problems and that is our primary mission. XSX will invest time and resources in the latter half of 2013 to establish the neccesary infrastructure and resources to enable development of multiple solutions to an array of common issues associated with site security, data management and information acquisition.

Current Projects

XSX is already developing solutions to help improve security of your information and resources by leveraging the knowledge of developers globally. XSX is oriented toward practical solutions that are designed to improve your experience with technology in whatever form it is delivered. Take a look around this site to see what we do and where we are headed. Maybe you will benefit from what we do in one way or another.